SPEED A major concern is excess speed along Lakeridge and Sunnycrest
At 11:02 (5/25) a mercedese or lexus speed up Lakeridge in excess of 60 to 70 mph. On Oct 13 a motorcycle was witnessed to be travelling down Lakeridge at an estimated 90 to 100 mph.. This is a 25 mile an hour zone We called 911. Whenever you witness excess speed, which can kill, please call 911. Lakeridge is called an arterial and therefore there are no restrictions, speed bumps, stop signs and other possible deterents to excessive speed which translates on an unmonitored street to NO SPEED LIMIT. The study done by the county (see the DOT report page) is for a limited period and does not represent the serious dangers on Lakeridge. If nobody complains the Sheriff and DOT has no way of knowing of the issues.
Speed bumps, stop signs and other possible deterents to excessive speed have all but been declared illegal for a variety of reasons.
DOT Speed Study
At first glance the study was a flawed attempt to placate those concerned with the speed. It was over too short a period of time and limited to one location.
If the county were to do a proper study the evidence would probably indicate that a serious problem exists and somebody would have to address the issue.

A DOT speed measure using two strips located above the intersection of Oakdale and Lakeridge,in early May showed the average speed in the 25 MPH was near 30 mph with some speeds approaching 64. Drivers are slowing down before they approach the stop sign on Rainier and still accelerating as they go past Sunnycrest on the uphill side.

Several animals have been killed by drivers and pedistrians have been narrowely escaped injury.
There are no sidewalks and the multi car and truck families that fill the public access space with vehicles make it hazardous to walk along Lakeridge. (Call it a county parking lot!)