A. SAFETY ON THE STREETS- lack of speed enforcement
B. UNCONTROLLED Building deteriorating views- no building convenants or public reviews of public construction.
C. NON-ENFORCEMENT of building codes- hard to deterine what the codes are, a lack of or minimal enforcement staff, fragmented lines of authority, fragmented jurisiction of authority and minimal resources from the county that collects your taxes

Case in point, a new resident uninterested in interests of the public at large placed live two electric wires five feet onto public space for two weeks before enough complaints were made with four agencies all of which said it wasn't their issue
D. LACK OF RESPONSE BY? who do you complain to??
see case in point above.
E. UNCLEAR ZONING RESTRICTIONS. What Businesses can be operated in Lakeridge..can I open a 7-11 Convenient Store on Lakeridge and Woolsey?

The flip side is--how to make money in Lakeridge -- from your neighbors taxes
(tongue in cheek of course, if you discount what you see happening)
1 Tear down a small dwelling, build a large structure that covers the lot, destroys the view of several neighbors and is large enough to accomodate 6 to 8 residents under the reburick of assisted living. Collect money from the government for each resident---probably better than working at Boeing
2 Buy a fixer up, modify to accomodate section 8 housing, wait a year, apply for a section 8 voucher, collect rent from the government. ---probably better than working at Boeing

A judicious selection of tenants will depress the neighborhood and increase the chances of picking up cheap real estate and increase your money making holding.
? As you walk around the neighborhood and see new contruction try to figure out if your taxes are going to be paying the rent for the new neighbors.