You see something that you think is wrong, possibly illegal, possibly not according to code, potentially dangerous, an eye-sore or a practice that will be detrimental to your property. The first thing you will find out is there doesn't seem to be A PLACE to ask questions.

It is always some other agency or department. Then you realize that Lakeridge is the tip of the last hair on the tail of a political dog.

You then think of contacting your representatives like
King County Executive Ron Sims (D) (in office until 2009)
email (206) 296-4040
Councilman Larry Gossett (chairman District 2)
(206) 296-1002
Other council members
Bob Ferguson: #206-296-1001
Kathy Lambert: #206-296-1003
Larry Phillips: #206-296-1004
Julia Patterson: #206-296-1005
Jane Hague: #206-296-1006
Pete Von Reichbauer: #206-296-1007
Dow Constantine: #206-296-1008
Reagan Dunn: #206-296-1009

Citizen Complaints Number is (206)-296-3452.
GOOD LUCKthe half dozen people I have talked to either got canned responses that don't count or got no response. Lakeridge doesn't have the strength of a flea to make the dog itch.
If you are enthusiastic enough to be concerned about your property and rights here are some numbers and web sites (if you find other avenues that work please let us know) p.s. the official response by various offices is that the WEST HILL COMMUNITY COUNCIL has Lakeridge's interest at heart --they are two hairs closer to the base of the tail.
A good place to start to make a complaint or avoid being complained about is
DDES Permits

Some useful numbers
206 296 4708 (Food) Restaurant Issues
206 296 4932 Sewer & Septic Tank Issues (Renton)
206 205 4394 Rat, Garbage and Illegal dumping -- Environmental and Health Services
You can get information on any site in Lakeridge through the county I-MAP system. A link to that site in available on this site. IMAP-County Type in your own address and then navigate (pan) to the desired location.