Did You Know?
The Lakeridge Ladies Garden Club had designed the entrance to Lakeridge at the corner of Lakeridge Drive and Rainier Ave S. They have done the design and maintenance including paying the water and light bills for this entryway for the last 60 years!

Sadly, The entrance signs are in need of being replaced, they are rotting at the bottom.

Over the years the membership has dwindled, now to a small group of thirteen who have limits to being able to garden. They have come to our neighborhood monthly watch meeting and are asking to turn this responsibility over to the Lakeridge community.

Would you like to continue this tradition and start a garden club, a Friends of Lakeridge entrance group, any other ideas?

To the homeowners in Lakeridge we are asking for your thoughts and ideas regarding the design of the entrance as well as your level of interest and participation.

We appreciate your response to these questions and any others you might think of. Since time is of the essence [the weeds keep coming up) please respond within the next two weeks and we will send the information back to you that we gather.

1. Any new design ideas for the front entrance?

2. How you would like to participate- physical help, weeding, clean up, planting donating plants or seeds?

3. Would you be willing to donate funds to the cause for the upkeep as a member of Lakeridge? While there is some money left in the treasury there needs to be a new start for ongoing maintenance new signs, lighting and water.

We have a new Lakeridge neighbor who is a sculptor and would be willing to if a design were to be introduced and all materials paid for.

We appreciate all responses. Please pass this on to your neighbors as well.

If you have further questions please call me and/or send an e-mail to (alt

and/or to - Sue Campbell- Current President of the Lakeridge Ladies Garden Club, at

Thank you for your interest.

Jane Holmes