COVENANTS:All the Lakeridge road plans and property plats were designed in 1924 by the Goodwin Company to provide affordable homes which could enjoy the views that so many current residents enjoy. Covenants, or restrictions, were established in the orginal deeds and carry forward with the land. Social changes in the 50's eliminated racial issues and the current press for profit and greed has stressed building restrictions.

Extracts from one deed, here in the Lakeridge area, are shown below. Your deed, if you are the owner of a property in Lakeridge should have something like those shown below. It appears that some restrictions might be possible on building activity that a person finds detrimental to their own property. However, remedy might not be possible for lack of an enforcing agency. At one time, and in other communities, a Home Owners Association have enforcement powers.

There does not exist and does not appear that the Lakeridge community supports the formation of a Home Owners Association. To this extent there is no barrier to rampant building and structure modification. This includes building and modification solely for economic gain as in section 8 housing and group/assisted living homes.
Figure 1 --Paragraph 2
2. No building shall be erected on any of the said residential lots that shall be considered by The Goodwin Company, or its successor in interest to be obectionable or detrimental to adjacent proprty, nor until plans therefor shall have been approved by The Goodwin Company , or its successors in interest. Nor shall any portion of such building excepting steps be erected between the street line of such lot and the line marked on the said plat as "Building Line" nor within five feet of any abutting lot...........

5. A breach of any of the foregoing conditions shall cause the lot or lots owned by any owner who shall commit such breach to revert to the The Goodwin Company or its successors in interest, who shall have the right of immediate re-entry upon such lot or lots in the event of any such breach and, as the owner or owners of any lot or lots shown in said plats, the foregoing conditions shall operate as covenants rg with the land for the benefit of the lot or lots owned by said owner, and the breach of any such covenant or the continuance of any such breach may be enjoined, abated or remedied by the appropriate XXXX by The Goodwin Company or its successor ,owner or owners, but by no other person.