Fourteen(14) useful tips for safety whether you are to be out of town or at home:
1. If you are to be out of town, complete the form at the fire station so the community service office will check on your place.
2. Advise your close, trusted neighbors
3. Put lights in your house on timers
4. Turn on a radio (I've shared this previously. If you want more information, let me know.)
5. Check to be sure ALL doors are locked ("Obvious," you say? Not really. I was checking a house for someone out of town and found a door to be unlocked! Seriously, I nearly had a heart attack.)
6. Lock sheds. This is an area where transients would be able to bed-down for the night. Trust me, they don't mind a few cobwebs.
7. Put your mail on hold
8. Have packages delivered to a PO box or a neighbor that will be home unless you have a trusted neighbor that faithfully checks your house for packages.
9. Take your name off your mail box. With search engines, it is easy to get your number from the name, then the thief calls to see if you are home. Along with that, our post man advised to us to NOT put up the flag if mailing a letter. He / she will see the letter when leaving a delivery. A red flag tells mail thieves something "good" might be there.
10. Don't leave expensive items out for burglars to see.
11. Do NOT leave your house key under the mat or a flower pot. Burglars know where to look.
12. Record serial numbers of items in your house. E-mail them to yourself so you have the record in one place even if your computer is stolen.
13. Hide valuables where burglars are more unlikely to look (crawl space under the house or attic).
14. Make a video recording of each room. This is valuable for insurance purposes later.