Chapter 3

"Wow, what have you got your self into?" Rachelle asked. "Uoy is different than any toy you have ever had. It doesn't breath but it seems to have a brain. "

"That's not a brain," Arnold said. "It hasn't done anything more than other interactive computer toys with fixed circuitry, wires and computer chips. It learned a few words and makes an association with the words and images."

Limil yelled up from inside the packsack next to Taylor's bed. "Quiet, we are trying to settle down. It has been a long stressful day. Maybe a switch to turn you two off would be a good idea.

T looked at Uoy lying in the crib. "I know you are turned off, "she whispered "but you look like you are sleeping. I am going down and talk to mother." T tiptoed out of the room and walked quietly to the top of the stairs on the fifth floor. Limil, limiL, Rachelle, Arnold and Igy followed her, mimicking her gentle walking on tiptoes. T climbed onto the railing and slid down to the first floor. The pack of five rode on her shoulder and pockets of her nightgown.


"Taylor, I thought you had gone up to bed." She was drying off the dinner dishes and putting them into the cupboards.

"I did, sort of. I put Uoy to bed and turned him off. I get a funny feeling, kind of like worrying, but not really. I wonder if I can be a good teacher for Uoy. He learns so fast."

Mother sat on a chair and pulled Taylor over to her and held her. "It sounds like you feel a sense of responsibility for Uoy. Don't worry. It has been a long day with lots of excitement. You are probably just tired. Remember, Uoy, as you call it, is a fancy toy. Although, your father thinks it is very special and your training it is important. I think you will get used to it. Once its novelty wears off you will put it on your dresser along with your other toys."

"Oops," Rachelle said, "she is talking about us."

Arnold asked, "When did my novelty wear off?"

"Goodnight mother. You are probably right. I am just tired."

T walked up the stairs to the fourth floor and went into her bedroom. Uoy was still turned off. "Okay guys, hop onto the dresser so we can all go to sleep," she said as she climbed into her bed and pulled the down comforter up over herself. "Oh, yes Arnold, your novelty has not worn off. The more I do the more important you are. And the same goes for you Rachelle,Limil, limiL and Igy. Without you I would just be " Taylor didn't finish her sentence as she drifted to sleep.

The morning sun warmed the bed covers and T didn't want to wake up then remembered she had to turn Uoy on. Sitting up she noticed the window was the largest she had ever seen it. The view was to the south, mountain ridges looked like a road made of logs as far as she could see. It was odd, she thought, that there were no buildings, or towers, just a wide bright horizon. She pushed the button on the necklace she wore and heard Uoy make a sucking sound. He was hungry. She gave him a bottle of metal solution and he drank quietly. At first his eyes were closed but as T moved around the room dressing and making her bed Uoy opened one eye and watched then opened the other eye. When T saw him looking in her direction she walked to him and put her face close to his and smiled and said his name and touched his face gently. He took the bottle from his mouth and grinned.

T said "I love you." Uoy said "I love you." T picked him up and held him and realized his diaper was wet.

T changed the diaper, put extra diapers and the feeding bottle in a shoulder bag and put the bag strap over her shoulder, picked Uoy up and headed for the stairs. Limil, limiL, Rachelle and Arnold all jumped into the bag. Igy had climbed onto her shoulder and crawled under her short collar.

In the kitchen father was finishing his breakfast and mother was placing a setting for Taylor at the table. The aroma of bacon and freshly baked muffins filled the air. T exaggerated sniffing the air and said "Ah, smells good. Bacon and muffins."

Uoy watched T and mimicked her sniffing drawing the aromas into his nose. He opened his eyes wide in surprise.

T said, "Smells good," and sniffed again.

Uoy sniffed and smiled. "Smells good."

Father had watched the exchange between Taylor and Uoy and nodded approvingly and said, "I have two things for you. One is a highchair for Uoy. He will probably need it in a day or two. The second is a new solution for Uoy's bottle. It has the usual metal ions and some nano-tracers. The tracers are molecular transmitters that will send out a small signal when a MEAC finger is activated. The nano-tracer molecules will become part of the fingers. They do not interfere with the way the fingers send signals to other fingers on other MEACs. The tracers will help us study how Uoy's and You's neurological systems are working. In a day or so we will put the two into a new MEAC Scanner and see how they are doing."

Mother looked puzzled. "MEACs", she asked.

Father explained that the Multi-nodal Elastomeric Channels were like neurons in the human body.

Mother said "Oh," and cleared the dishes off the table.

T noticed a commotion in the diaper bag. Jane was pushing her way up to the top and shoving Rachelle to the side. "Hi Arnold", Jane said. This is getting exciting. We can watch what happens inside Uoy's brain and body when he is asked questions or solves a puzzle."

"I knew that," Rachelle said. "By the way. What are you doing here? I thought you were the librarian."

"That is true, in a manner of speaking. I manage the flow of T's information. Her library is where ever she is, so I have to travel."

Father said, "I am going now. Have a good day. Oh yes, Taylor, make sure Uoy drinks at least three bottles of solution today." He kissed mother and Taylor and looked at Uoy. Uoy pursed his lips. Father quietly muttered, "what the hell," and kissed Uoy on the head.

Uoy said "Love," and smiled.

"This should be interesting," father said as he walked out of the kitchen.

"What are you going to do today?" mother asked Taylor.

"I think we will do my wooden puzzle of the United States, play checkers, do numbers and the alphabet and ask Grif to fly us around the castle. Maybe we will sing some songs and play some music."

"My goodness. That is an awful lot to do. Remember, your toy is only two days old."

"Uoy is not a toy, he is my baby brother," Taylor insisted.

A chorus rang out from the diaper bag as all of its passengers said, "that is telling her."

Igy materialized and mother screamed. "Take that thing out of here."

Taylor picked up Igy and held him as she left the kitchen. "What time is lunch?" she called back.

"I will call you, but leave that thing outside."

T went to a play room on the first floor that had games, puzzles, a computerized keyboard, chalk board with the magnetized letters of the alphabet in a row across the top and a row of numbers below the letters all of different colors. Attached to the frame above the chalk board were several rows of beads on rods. A checker board was on a table.

T took the map of the United States off of the shelf and put it in on the floor where she had sat Uoy. She pointed to the different colored states and named each one and waited for Uoy to touch the state and say the name. After touching all them T picked up Florida from the board and explained that the shape of the piece fit in the hole on the board. She tried to put the piece back into the hole slightly turned. After several orientations and alignment the piece fell into place. The she had Uoy pick the piece up and put it back then pick it up again and turn it. Uoy put the piece down and it didn't fit the hole so he stared at it for a few seconds and turned the piece and fit in correctly. "Very good Uoy," T said and stroked his head and patted him on the back.

T turned the board upside down and scattered the pieces and put them into a pile.

Uoy looked at the pile then reached down and pushed aside some states and picked up Florida. T said "Florida" and Uoy put it in the hole on the board for Florida. Uoy picked up a state and T said "California". Uoy stared at the board and ran his left hand along the long curving side of the piece and placed it onto the board.

"Very good Uoy."

Uoy picked up a third piece and T named it and with little hesitation Uoy repeated the name and placed it on the board. By the sixth piece he was repeating the name and placing the state in its location as fast as T could provide the name.

Arnold said "Wow, this guy is good. Do it again."

T turned the board over and scattered the pieces. Uoy moved faster not waiting for her to provide the name. He named the state and put it in place. He had two pieces left, New Hampshire and Main, when he seemed to slow down. "Neew Haammshiiire," he said and fumbled putting the piece in improperly. "Maaaa..," he said and started sucking at the air and dropped the piece.

Igy ran around the board and Limil jumped up and down wearing a brown apron. "He is running out of energy," Arnold said.

"We know that," Rachelle said in an exasperated tone. "Why didn't some one put an energy level detector on this guy? Maybe his ears could turn blue when he gets down to a ten percent charge level."

T cradled Uoy in her arms and held his bottle while he drank. "Uoy was hungry," she said. Looking at Rachelle, "he is only a baby and doesn't know how much energy he needs yet. He will learn to know when he is getting hungry."

Uoy finished his drink, picked up the last piece, said "Maine" and thumped it onto the board. "Good," he said.

T put the puzzle back on the shelf and carried Uoy over to the chalk board and sat on a small chair holding him in her lap. "A" she said and picked the piece off the board and handed it to Uoy. He said "A" and put it back on the board. T picked up "B" named it and he recited the name and put it back. T waited and he picked up "C" the next letter and she pronounced it, he repeated. Uoy picked them off the board as fast as T could recite and he could repeat. T then pointed and Uoy named the piece. T scrambled the letters. She pointed and Uoy named the letter. She moved faster and realized that he was naming the letter before she finished pointing and was figuring out the next target from the slightest movement of her elbow or hand or the movement of her eyes.

T said, "We use these letters to make words like 'CAT' which is an animal that looks like this." She drew a cat on the chalk board and said "cat". Uoy repeated the name.

Arnold suggested she get a book with animal pictures from the shelf.

T opened the book which had pictures of animals from A to Z. She pointed to the picture and the spelling and pronounced the name and Uoy arranged the letters on the board.

Igy jumped out of the diaper bag and crawled onto T's shoulder before Uoy started to slow down. "Thank you Igy for warning us." T picked Uoy up and cradled him and fed him another bottle of metallic solution with the nano-tracer molecules. "He seems to tire quickly when he is thinking. I wonder how much drink he will need when he starts walking and running?"

When Uoy was energized T had to change his diaper before she took him to the checker board. The image of Uoy and You playing so fast that the checker board was starting to smoke flashed in her mind. She knew that father and Ted had changed his MEAC noodles and he would not remember checkers but she had just seen how fast he learned. Limil said "Relax, you know he is going to be able to beat you. The question is, how fast? You don't have to tell him your tricks. Make him learn on his own."

T showed him how to move, how and when to jump, how to king and how the king moved. "We start by flipping a checker and calling Heads or Tail. She made a fist, put her thumb under the index finger and put the checker over the finger. She flicked her thumb and the checker flew into the air flipped over and over and landed on the board. Uoy stared at his hand. T pushed his hand into a fist and put his thumb and checker in the right position. He opened his hand and the checker fell on the table. T had him flick his thumb several times before putting the checker back on. This time he flicked the checker into the air.

T went first. Uoy mimicked her move. T moved. He looked at the board for several seconds before moving. T watched his eyes. He seemed to be making note of all possible moves, and what happens after that move.

After Uoy won the first game T suggested they work on numbers. Rachelle punched Arnold and asked why he let T lose. He indicated he had no control over how well Uoy played.

T moved over to the chalk board, sat on the small chair and held Uoy in her lap. She named each of the number pieces and used the chalk to illustrate the count as single lines for each value: 2 was two lines; 5 was five lines; 7 was seven lines. She also held up enough fingers to represent each number.

Addition, or plus, she explained meant grouping the lines for each number together. Two lines added to five lines, or two plus five, was seven lines. She wrote 2 + 5 = 7 on the board. She moved the yellow five to the middle of the board and then moved the red four under it and drew a line under the red four and asked Uoy to find the number that represented the total and put it under the line. Uoy held out all his fingers and folded his left thumb into his palm leaving nine digits extended: four on his left hand and five on the right. He picked up the brown magnetic nine and placed it under the line. Next T placed one white two under a second white two. Uoy moved the red four under the twos.

T said, "You are very smart Uoy."

Rachelle said, "He is a computer, what did you expect?"

T shook her head. "Not really, but kind of. At least not like the computer down stairs with hard drives and monitor and mouse and filled with wires and silicon chips and programs. Instead of wires he grows tiny fingers that touch each other to send messages from one part of his body to another. He is a bio-robot and different parts are kind of like parts in a computer that do specific things. I am not a computer and different parts of me do specific things but I don't know where the programs are or how it will know how to change its programs. Father is designing bio-robots to do the kinds of things that people do."

"Maybe you will have to feed it DVD chips to change its programs," Arnold said laughing and fell off T's shoulder.

T sat Uoy on the floor then sat on the floor then lay flat on her back. Uoy lay on his back. T rolled over. Uoy rolled over. T pushed herself onto her knees. Uoy studied her position for a moment and raised his shoulders off the ground, pushed backward with his hands and raised his hips. T move her right knee forward then her right hand. Uoy mimicked her motions and followed as T advanced her left hand and left knee. After several tentative jerky efforts Uoy started crawling around the room following T. Limil, limiL, Rachell and Arnold rode on her back. Igy had crawled back into the diaper bag.

"Let us go outside and crawl on the grass," T said, and stood up slowly. Uoy watched her motions from being on both knees to raising one knee and placing her foot on the floor and pushing her body up to the standing position while raising the other leg up.

Uoy pushed himself onto both knees, raised one knee and fell over making the sucking sound for nourishment.

T said, "feed me," and held the bottle in front of Uoy. "Feed me," she repeated. Uoy said "feed me". Nothing happened. He looked at the bottle then T and said "feed me," and smiled when he saw the bottle move in his direction.

After a few seconds, T noticed that Uoy's eyes were moving from one of her shoulders to the next and back. Uoy started pointing the bottom of the bottle from one shoulder to the next and started to smile. T glanced at her left shoulder and saw Limil, wearing a bright blue dress flared out with layers of petticoats. When Uoy pointed to Limil she jumped into the air. limiL was on T's right shoulder and did a somersault when Uoy pointed to him. Uoy sucked on the bottle, moved it back and forth faster and faster and started to laugh and sucked air into his feed tubes, coughed and threw up. "Whoops," limiL said and jumped off T's shoulder into the diaper bag laughing.

T wiped up the mess and Uoy finished his bottle quietly. Nourished, Uoy resumed his position on his knees. T pushed the chair next to him and took his right hand and placed it on the chair then held him at his waist and guided him upward. He stood wavering back and forth.

T picked him up and sat him on the floor next to the chair. He pulled himself up to the standing position then sat down. On the third raising of himself he stood and stiff legged moved his left foot to the left, moved his left hand then moved his right foot to the left and then his right hand. He repeated this several times then changed the pattern to move to the right. He was grinning as he moved. Changing directions several times he started to bend his knees slightly then stand up straight and he made each move left and right. After several minutes of walking around the chair hanging on, he stopped, bent both knees to a squatting position and straightened them rapidly. limiL watching from the diaper bag said, "he jumped, did you see that, he jumped".

Uoy repeated the process and learned to keep his knees slightly bent to absorb the shock when he landed as well as stomp on the floor so it made noise. He turned to face T and raised both hands to be picked up and didn't seem to notice that for that moment he was standing on his own.

T picked him up, smiled, kissed him on the cheek and held him tightly rocking him back and forth saying, "You can almost walk." Uoy smiled.

Mother yelled in from the kitchen, "What is all that jumping noise? Take it outside."

"Good idea," T whispered to Uoy.

T carried Uoy into the yard and sat him on the grass next to a small herb garden with basil, lavender, rosemary, sage and mint. She picked a leaf off each plant, crushed it between her fingers and sniffed it and placed it in front of Uoy's nose and said "smell this one, sniff" and when Uoy did she named the herb. "Good smell," she said with each. T picked a second leaf off each plant and repeated the process.

Uoy crawled up to each plant, crushed a leaf between a thumb and a finger, sniffed it and named it. Sitting on the ground under a plant he noticed movement under some decaying leaves. He emitted a strange high pitched shrill which T took as a cry or a warning call and picked him up. Uoy pointed and asked, "What is?"

T looked. "A worm," she answered and picking up a small stick she dug in the dirt around the worm until it crawled over the pile of leaves. "Worm," she repeated and picked it up and let in crawl in the palm of her hand. She had Uoy hold out his palm. She started to place the worm in his palm. He made the same sound T heard when he first saw the worm, closed his hand, and pressed himself against her chest, hiding his hand.

"Don't be afraid," T said. "It was okay to hold a worm and there was no need to be afraid." She encouraged him to hold it.

He felt the slight sensations of the worm's movement across the sensory endings in the skin of his fingers and palms and smiled. "Worm."

T found a small hand trowel and showed Uoy how to dig worms. There was a small jar in the garden that she handed to Uoy. He dug up nine worms and put them into the jar. "Brown" he said.

T said "Yes they are." Uoy wrinkled his forehead and tilted his head slightly signaling confusion.

"What do we do with them?" she asked and then answered her own question with "we can put them back in the garden because they are helpful to the plants or we can feed them to fish in the moat and pond. Let's feed the fish."

T picked up Uoy and carried him to the pond that emptied into the moat at the end of the meadow.

Mosquitoes hovered over the surface of the water. Mayflies and dragonflies darted around the bulrushes and cattails. A frog jumped off the bank as T approached the water. Little waves radiated from the point where the lips of a fish pushed through the surface and sucked in a mosquito. The yellow form under the surface would turn and disappear deeper into the pond. "Fish," T said.

Uoy's optical system had the capability to block the polarized reflected light so he could see deep into the lake. "Yellow," he said and held out five fingers indicating he saw five fish.

"Yes," T answered. "Let's feed them." She took a worm from the jar and handed it to Uoy. "Throw it into the water." She picked out another worm and threw it into the pond. A fish darted up from the bottom, sucked the worm into its mouth and dove back to the bottom. Uoy threw his worm and saw five fish on the bottom move upward. Four scattered to the side as the largest pushed to the surface taking the worm.

T and Uoy threw more worms and the largest fish stayed at the bottom and the smaller fish had a chance to feed.

T saw Grif's image reflecting on the pond before his shadow moved across the water. Uoy did not see a reflected image and was startled by the shadow and stiffened. When he saw Grif he relaxed and pointed. When Grif landed, Uoy held out both arms to be held.

T said, "Uoy is glad to see you."

"Well, well, how is Uoy today?" Grif said picking Uoy up and pressed Uoy against the feathers on his chest. Uoy reach up and brushed his hand along Grif's beak offering Grif a worm. "No thanks. You can feed it to the fish." Grif flapped his wings and carried Uoy over the water to drop the worm to a big fish in the deepest part of the pond and then returned to T.

"Can we fly higher today?" T asked.

"Your little brother seemed comfortable flying yesterday so it should be okay." Grif carried them upward in ever widening circles. Uoy started his shrilled cry when they went above the trees. Grif went higher and the cry intensified. Grif swooped toward the ground and Uoy smiled and the cry turned into what T thought was a laugh.

"Can we fly higher today?" Uoy asked.

Grif again circled upward until the castle looked like a miniature toy. The steeple on the church in town was visible in the distance and the valley that once was the lost lake looked like a wrinkle on the ground. The sun was low in the west and the valleys were filling with shadows.

Grif returned to the turnaround in front of the main door. He lowered T to the ground and she stood to take hold of Uoy. When Grif held Uoy out to T, Uoy hung onto a talon with one hand and chest feathers with the other. "More, higher," he said and reluctantly released his grip on Grif as T pulled him to her.

"He seems to be developing a mind of his own," Grif said, then flapped his wings, lifted and circled and landed on the turret atop the castle.

T held Uoy's right hand up and waved it at Grif and said, "Bye, bye."

When she let go, Uoy waved again and said, "Bye-bye."

T took Uoy to her bedroom, gave him a bottle of metal and tracers, turned him off and went downstairs to dinner.

T was tired and ate dinner quietly. When mother went into the kitchen to get desert, father asked what she and Uoy had done. T recalled the events of the day. Father nodded a lot and said "interesting" whenever she mentioned Uoy's reactions to the worms and first going higher than the trees and not wanting leave Grif.

"It sounds like Uoy's affect systems are working," he said. "Ted will be interested in that."

"What is an affect system?" T asked and looked at her mother who just sat down. Mother shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

"Emotional system," father answered, "responses to being startled, being afraid, being glad or sad. We did not want Uoy and You to just be walking computers. We are wondering if they can grow to be sensitive to the needs and feeling of the people they are around. I guess this also suggests they are sensitive to the values that different people have that influence why they do what they do."

Well, maybe your toys can understand you. I know that half the time I don't know what you are talking about," mother interjected. "How can a toy be sensitive to people?" she asked.

The room was bright when Taylor woke up. She pushed the button on her necklace that activated Uoy. He knew how to get his bottle and he quietly drank while T dressed.

Her big window looked out onto a large maple tree that had a dead branch with no leaves. It was easy to see birds sitting on the branch. Two birds landed and one hopped next to the first one. A few seconds later two more birds landed further out on the branch.

Taylor asked Uoy , "What is two plus two?" She asked pointing to the two groups of birds.

"Red," he answered.

At that moment the four birds flew away and five birds landed sitting next to each other. A couple of seconds later four birds landed near the end of the branch.

"Uoy, Taylor said pointing. "I see five birds there and four birds over there. How much is five plus four?" she asked.

"Brown," Uoy answered.

Rachelle looked at Arnold. "Something is wrong," she said.

"It looks like he is confusing numbers and colors," Arnold said scratching his head. "Why would that be?"

Taylor asked Uoy several more arithmetic questions and the answers were always colors. When she pointed to flowers or the sky or her blouse and asked what the color was, Uoy answered correctly.

"Taylor," Arnold said. "You should talk to your father. Maybe somebody dropped the robot on its head."

"Come on Uoy. Let's go to breakfast," Taylor said as she opened her door and walked to the railing. "I am going to show you how to slide." She put her right leg over the railing, facing the top of the stairs and lifted Uoy and sat him on the railing in front of her. This would be the first time she had slid down the railing in the ten days since father had brought Uoy home.

Uoy tried to climb onto the railing. Taylor picked him up and sat him on the railing in front of her and said she would hold him so he could not fall off. Arnold and Rachelle rode on her shoulders looking down the railing. They liked to tell Taylor when to slow down. Sometimes they couldn't agree and Taylor would slide off the end of the railing and land sitting on the floor. This time they decided who would tell Taylor when to slow down and stop by playing Scissor-Paper-Rock. Arnold got Rock and Rachelle got Scissors. Near the bottom, Arnold said, "Slow Down, now stop."

Taylor stepped onto the floor and lifted Uoy off the railing and carried him into the kitchen. She put Uoy in his chair and sat in hers next to him. Uoy's chair had been adapted with a seat high enough that he could sit at the table and drink his glass of metallic drink and MEAC ion solution. Mother, father and Taylor had orange juice.

"Father, ask Uoy how many glasses are on the table."

"Red." Uoy answered, when father asked.

"When he was near the stove last week," Taylor said, "he said 'Two-hundred forty three degrees'. He knows numbers. Has something gone wrong?"

"Not necessarily. Measuring and reporting temperature is different than computing answers in arithmetic and involves different parts of the brain. Maybe we should take Uoy to the lab and have Ted look into this. I have some work to do here this morning which involves how Uoy and You can determine how to make choices. The ideas won't be ready for a few more days. This afternoon, however, the three of us will go to the lab."

"How come he always forgets the rest of us?" limiL asked.

Taylor took Uoy into the large main room and pointed to pictures on the walls. Initially she held Uoy's hand and raised it toward a picture. "That is Grandfather Cyrus." At the next picture she held Uoy's hand and raised it. "That is Uncle Rudyard." At the next picture, a large horse, a racing champion, Taylor pointed and Uoy raised his hand, pointed a finger and said "That is.." and Taylor said "Thunder. Thunder is a horse. Uoy, you did very good." She picked Uoy up and hugged him, looked into his eyes and smiled.

Uoy smiled back. "Uoy did good."

The sun was shining at a low angle through the window and Taylor's shadow was cast on the wall. Uoy pointed to the shadow as Taylor walked. "My shadow. My body blocks the suns rays and creates a shadow. Taylor put Uoy down and made finger puppets that cast shadows that looked like birds.

Uoy looked at her hand then the wall several times and seemed pleased. "Shadows move." He said. "Taylor make shadows."

"Yes, by blocking light." She picked Uoy up and put him on her right shoulder. "There is Uoy's shadow. "

Uoy moved his arm and watched his shadow move.

He pointed to Taylor's left shoulder. "That is.."

Taylor looked at Uoy and realized he was pointing to Igy who had surfaced as Uoy was starting to ask questions. "That is Igy, an Iguana, he is a friend of mine."

Uoy looked at Igy and then the wall. "No shadow." Uoy said.

Taylor looked and saw that Igy did not cast a shadow. "That is strange," she said aloud. "Limil, limiL come up here," she said. They climbed onto her head. "How come you don't cast shadows?"

"We are not material," limiL said.

At that moment Father called from the hallway, "Taylor, let's go."

She put Uoy on the floor and he walked along side her unaided. "Look at you Uoy, you are walking. That is good."

Uoy took her hand and looked up. "Uoy can walk," he said and smiled.

At the entrance to the main room was a large mirror framed like the large pictures on the walls. Uoy stopped in front of it and pointed at the reflections. "T", he said pointing at T's reflection. He pointed at his reflection and said, "That is."

T said, "That is Uoy," and realized that she had never had him look in a mirror. He walked to the mirror and touched the image of his cheek then touched his cheek. T knelt beside him. He touched the image of her cheek then her cheek. She touched his cheek and he saw her touch him in the mirror and felt her hand on his cheek. He became very animated touching the top of his head, his knees, marching in place, turning sideways. He pointed to his image and said "Uoy."

Father walked over to them. "Come on you two, we have to get going. What are you doing?"

Uoy pointed at the mirror. "Uoy", he said. He touched the image and then put his finger to his chest. "Uoy", he said.

Father smiled. "Uoy recognizes himself. That is the first step to conscious behavior. Amazing." He patted Uoy's head and said, "Uoy is good."

During the ride Uoy was constantly pointing and saying "That is." Taylor would name the object he pointed to and he would repeat the answer. "Moat, bridge, maple tree, fir tree, cedar tree, river, meadow, deer, eagle." Half-way to the lab Uoy made his sucking sound and said "drink, feed me." T handed him a bottle. He was quiet until he finished drinking the contents and continued his pointing and questioning. "Stop sign, train, parking lot."


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